Can I represent myself in court? Should I?

In Massachusetts if you are an individual you have the right to represent yourself. This right is guaranteed in Article 12 of the Massachusetts Constitution. There are even many resources to assist you represent yourself. If you are not an individual, namely a corporation, LLC, trust, or some other entity, you need to retain an attorney. However, just because you have the right to represent himself should you?

Many people choose to represent themselves, or do other work themselves, because they do not feel that they can justify the expense of an attorney or another professional to do work for them. If you have an electrical, plumbing, or other problem in your home do you immediately try to fix it yourself call a professional? Before you think about how much it will cost to hire a professional, you need to think about how much it will cost not to. The same consideration should be given when you facing a legal problem.

Professionals are trained to provide services to people in their field of expertise. Because the practice their trade every day they see many different situations and know how to respond. Personally, when I am having a problem with my car and bring it to Doug’s Automotive and rely on his training and years of experience to correctly diagnose the problem, as he is seen far more automotive issues than I have. The same applies when I have a plumbing issue that needs to be address. I contact CROY Plumbing to take a look at this is what they do best.  Just because I may be able to make repair to some of these repairs myself does not mean that I should.  Trained professionals can often recognize and repair problems faster than.

The same reasoning applies when being faced with a legal issue. While you are permitted to, and may be able to, represent yourself you should strongly consider speaking to an attorney. An attorney is going to be intimately familiar with the various procedural rules, evidentiary standards, and the laws related to the claims by or against you. An attorney is going to be able to analyze the claims and discuss with you your options to be sure that you make an informed decision about how to proceed.

If you find yourself faced with a legal problem, although you may represent yourself, consider speaking to an attorney first.  If you truly feel you cannot afford an attorney you may be qualify to speak to an attorney at a legal assistance office.